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international standard color viewer light box

  • 2019-03-07
  • admin

3nh release a new international standard color viewer light box with LED light. It can reach 95% Illumination uniformity.

The 3nh Standard Color Viewer HC5100/3100 delivers the uniform, color consistent and no-flicker lighting associated with LED technology, which benefits to evaluate the camera performance with reliable and professional platform.


Performance Highlights

l  Illumination uniformity >90%,Extensive color rendering index CRI>90

l  LED dimmable dynamic range 0-30000lx, Flicker Free

l  Standard Color CCT5100/3100±100K,Duv ±0.002

l  Excellent color/flux stability over 3 years life

l  60%+ higher efficiency than fluorescent light tube, Hg Free

Standard Color Viewer HC5100/HC3100

Standard Color Viewer HC5100



General information

l  Power supply:AC100-240V,50/60HZ,50W

l  Environment required,Temperature10-40℃,

l  Size:37W*32.5H*16.5Dcm

l  Projection area:25W*19Hcm

l  Net weight ~6kg



l  Do not connect with power grid other than AC100-240V before turning on the light

l  Suggest waiting for 10 minutes to get stable color after turning on the light

l  Be careful to prevent scratching diffusing eflection plate and clean by non-dust wiper with alcohol